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One of the biggest parts of any design is the typography. The type of fonts you use, the colors you use, the effects and styles you put on your text, the way you position and layout your text, etc.. All of these things play a huge role in any design project. In fact, sometimes having great looking text is ALL you need in a design. Let me show you what I mean...

Here's a Before & After Example:

Take a look at the 2 software boxes above. Doesn't the "after" image look much better? And all we did was add some nice looking "fancy" text to an existing design, and it went from being okay to awesome... all from that one little tweak. The box doesn't even have any images on it, yet it still looks great with just the fancy text added. And this can be applied to ANY of your existing designs!

Adding cool looking text makes a big difference in the overall design of any project. And to help you add some nice text to your projects, I've put together this brand new "bundle package"...

"Ultimate Text Effects PSD Bundle" is a collecton of 10 different "modules" of different text effects including:

  • - Premium Layer Styles
  • - Clean 3D Text Maker
  • - Sticker Maker
  • - Metal Layer Styles
  • - 3D Logo Maker
  • - Sketch Text Maker
  • - Grungy Text Maker
  • - Adaptive Styles
  • - And more...

Each of these "modules" contains a set of different tools like layer styles, smart templates, patterns, fonts, etc.. And each of these modules can easily be sold for $5 - $10 a piece... but with this bundle deal you can save big, and grab all 10 for one low discounted price (more on price later). First, let me show you exactly what you'll get...

Module #1: 50 Premium Layer Styles

This is a large collection of 50 different premium layer styles. Each of these 50 layer styles is carefully hand crafted with all kinds of effects like: pattern overlays, strokes, gradients, glows, drop shadows, etc.. When you combine these layer styles with the right fonts (included), you get a really nice cinematic effect.

Module #2: Clean 3D Text Maker

This is a PSD file containing 2 layers, which combine to create a nice and clean 3D effect. Just type over both of the layers with your own text and you get this 3D look automatically (no action scripts or rendering required). This 3D text is perfect for logos, headings, headlines, etc.. Oh and, yes you can use any fonts and colors you want.

Module #3: Sticker Maker

This is an adaptive layer style for creating a sticker effect. "Adaptive" means the layer style gets applied over the existing color of your text or shapes... so it's super easy to change the colors of your stickers. These stickers are a great way to make your text stand out and to create all kinds of signs and badges.

Module #4: Premium Metal Layer Styles

This is a set of premium metal layer styles that will give your text (or any other layer) a cool and realistic looking metal effect, with just a few clicks. There are several different metal variations to choose from, and each one has a clean and polished look.

Module #5: 3D Logo Maker

With this module you can create realistic looking 3D logos in minutes, with the help of a smart template that does all the "3D making magic" for you automatically. Just open up the smart layer, type in your own text, add your own logo image, hit save... and boom you have a nice 3D logo mockup. Tip: this can also be used for all kinds of other graphics, not just logos.

Module #6: Sketch Text Maker

This smart template turns any text, shape or raster layer into a hand drawn looking sketch. It's a very cool effect for giving your designs that personal touch. Some ways you can use it: create logos, product titles, headlines, turn your web graphics and icons into sketches, create cool looking info graphics, and more...

Module #7: Grungy Text Maker

With the Grungy Text Maker you can give your text (or any other layer) a slightly dirty or stressed out look. It's a popular effect and a great way to add some finishing touches to any design. You get 5 different effects: cracks, slight grunge, scratches, smudges, and concrete.

Module #8: Assortment of 100 Styles

This is an assortment of 100 different, high quality layer styles. There are 10 different effects in 10 colors each, for a total of 100 styles. All of these styles are great for both text and also for web graphics like buttons, badges, logos, etc.. It's a great set that will come in real handy.

Module #9: Cool 3D Text Maker

This is another smart template for creating another variation of 3D text. I call it "Cool 3D", and it creates a 3D effect with a stroke, bevel, and a drop shadow. You can control the colors of each of these elements... plus you can add any layer style to the main text layer itself. So you can create a ton of different text variations with this (using any font and typing what ever you want, ofcourse).

Module #10: Adaptive Styles

This is a set of 5 different adaptive styles for creating some popular effects like: punched in (aka letter press), gel, metalic, pop out, and soft noise. Since these styles are adaptive, you can add them on top of ANY color you already have on your text or shapes... which makes it very easy and fast to play around with different color combinations.

All Of These Graphics Come With Layered PSD Source Files & Layer Styles (ASL files).

Since you get layered PSD files, all of the elements you see on these graphics can be modified. You can...

  • - Type in any text you want
  • - Use any of your own fonts
  • - Change the colors
  • - Move things around
  • - Resize to any size
  • - Mix and match effects
  • - Combine different effects
  • - Use for web and print
  • - And more...

Bonus #1: Cool Fonts

As a special bonus, you'll get list of most of the fonts used in the sample images above. So you'll be able to re-create these same text examples from above in your own designs. All of these fonts can be found for free online, but I've done the legwork for you and hand picked some of the best looking free fonts... and you'll get a list with download links.

Bonus #2: Sparkles

These sparkle effects are a great way to make your text look more shiny. Just add them on top of your text to give it that extra pop. Each sparkle comes on it's own separate layer, so you can easily copy and paste them into your designs. Add as many or as little sparkles as you want.

Grab Everything For One Low Price...

This is a great collection of very useful tools that will give your designs an instant makeover. It's one of those set of tools that you'll use over and over again, and that will pay for itself over and over. Each of the modules in this pack can easily sell for $5 - $10 a piece. But I wanted to give you a great deal and so I've put together this "bundle" where you can grab ALL modules for one low price of just...

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